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On     Saturday     27th     October     2018,     the     Grand     Priory congregated   at   the   spectacular   and   historically   important Rochester    Cathedral    in    Kent    to    celebrate    the    900th Anniversary    of    the    Knights    Templar    in    England    and    to invest ten new members into the Order. We   were   privileged   to   welcome   HE   Chev.   Gérard   Willery, Grand   Prior   General   of   France   and   HE   Dame   Roula   Rogan, Grand   Prior   of   Greece   at   this   magnificent   celebration   of our Order. The   celebratory   feast   was   held   at   the   magnificent   12th century   Allington   Castle,   by   kind   permission   of   Chev.   Sir Robert Worcester, KCTJ.
(individual Preceptories and Commanderies may hold local events that are not listed here)
Invested at Rochester Cathedral 27/10/2018 Chev. Mark Stretton Dame Tina Walford-Stretton Chev. Robert Blackledge Chev. Troy Close Dame Nancy Close Chev. Dr. Jeremy Pearce Chev. Mark Bhogun-Scott Dame Helen Fisher Chev. Alfredo Warner Chev. Nicolai Webber
The Grand Priory of England extends their heartiest congratulations to His Excellency Chevalier Gerard Willery on his election as the 52nd Grand Master of this noble order on 24th November 2018.
We pray for God’s guidance as he leads the Order in the coming years.
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