Restoration of the Grand Priory

Nine   hundred   years   after   the   founding   of   the   Order   of   the   Temple,   the   Grand   Priory   of   England (O.S.M.T.H.   England)   is   among   the   Templar   organisations   keeping   alive   the   noble   and   ancient Knights Templar traditions in the present day. Knights   Templar   are   not   new   to   England.      There   has   been   a   strong   Templar   presence   in   this   country   since   the early   years   of   the   Order,   and   the   Templars   played   a   pivotal   role   in   the   history   of   mediaeval   England.   Indeed, in   June   1215   the   Master   of   the   English   Templars,   Aymeric   de   St   Maur,   was   a   key   person   involved   in   the production   and   sealing   of   Magna   Carta   –   the   Great   Charter   –   at   Runnymede,   by   King   John.      The   Temple   area of the City was the headquarters of the English Templars from 1160 until the Order’s suppression. We   are   part   of   a   worldwide   network   of   Knights   Templar   organisations   within   OSMTH   actively   promoting knowledge   and   understanding   of   Templar   history,   and   we   strive   at   all   times   to   uphold   the   original   Templar ideals   of   chivalry,   faith   and   honour.   The   Grand   Priory   of   England   stands   in   defence   of   the   nation’s   Christian values and heritage, and our members pledge to defend Church and Crown.
In   2012,   the   Grand   Priory   of   England   was   at   last   fully   restored,   having   been   first   established   in   1960   when   the Grand Master recognised the need for a priory in England which was not exclusively Roman Catholic. The   Statutes   of   the   Order   provide   that   there   can   only   be   one   Grand   Priory   in   any   given   country   and   no   Grand   Priory   can   claim   to have   simultaneous   jurisdiction   in   two   adjoining   countries.      So,   for   example,   there   is   not   a   Grand   Priory   of   'France   and   Monaco' nor a Grand Priory of 'Germany and Luxembourg' and so on. An Advent Carol Service - already planned for 2 December 2012 - which was to be held at the Parish Church of St   Luke   in   Kingston   upon   Thames   was   rapidly   modified   to   take   account   of   this   momentous   decision.      A   knight   was   invested   -   the first   such   investiture   by   the   Grand   Priory   of   England   since   the   last   knights   were   martyred   or   dispersed   all   those   years   ago, although many other knights had been invested in the period between 1960 and the restoration. Plans   were   then   commenced   for   a   full   Celebration   of   the   Restoration   of   The   Grand   Priory   of   England   and,   by   kind   permission   of the   vicar   and   churchwardens   of   the   Church   All   Hallows   by   the   Tower   (the   oldest   church   in   the   City   of   London),   this   took   place   on Saturday 6 April 2013.
The Chinon Parchment absolving the Knights Templar
Pope Clement V
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