Statutes of the Order

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The   Order   is   governed   by   a   set   of   Statutes   -   the   first   four   Articles   of   the latest    (1990)    edition    give    fuller    details    of    the    Order's    aims    and objectives.        The    original    is    in    Latin    with    French    as    the    alternative language   and   there   are   some   minor   adjustments   to   the   attached   English text   -   shown   in   square   brackets   -   to   make   the   original   more   clearly understandable.  In a few places some extra explanation is given. The original text within the document was not illustrated. NOTE:    This    latest    translation    was    agreed    between    the    Grand    Prior General   (em)   of   Sweden   and   The   Grand   Chaplain-General   of   England   in Paris   at   the   Commemoration   there   on   the   18th   March   2016   being   the 702nd   anniversary   of   the   martyrdom   of   the   last   medieval   Grand   Master, Jacques de Molay.  View the Statutes of the Order (English translation) here