DIARY DATES 2022-2024
Friday 14th - Sunday 16th October 2022 AUTUMN INVESTITURE St Luke's Church, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. Hotel: Marriott, Twickenham. Banquet: Cole Court, 150 London Road, Twickenham Booking Form, click here
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Saturday 14th January 2023 AGM and FOUNDER’S FEAST Venue to be announced
Saturday 20th May 2023 SPRING INVESTITURE Chester Cathedral, Cheshire
Saturday 14th October 2023 AUTUMN INVESTITURE Venue to be announced
To enable members of the Order to plan ahead efficiently, the Grand Priory of England has fixed dates for investitures which are the Saturday closest to 24th May in each year, being the anniversary of Hugues de Payan, our first Grand Master, and the Saturday immediately after 13th October in each year, which is Templar Remembrance Day commemorating the day when hundreds of Knights Templars across France were simulatneously arrested on the orders of King Philip of France, which saw the Order disbanded for over 400-years.
Saturday 25th May 2024 SPRING INVESTITURE Venue to be announced